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Shoulder Dislocation

blue_jamesdrydale_panelShoulder dislocation is an extremely painful injury. It can occur following a fall or in a sports-related incident.

The ball joint of the shoulder is in a shallow socket which makes it one of the easiest joints to dislocate.

A dislocated shoulder needs treatment at your local Accident & Emergency Department. Clinicians do not recommend attempting to “pop” your shoulder back in yourself as this could cause damage to blood vessels and nerves.

Staff at the hospital should check whether you have suffered a fracture. If no fractures are found, then your arm will be manipulated back into the shoulder socket.

A rotator cuff tear can often occur with dislocation and for people with this injury surgery may be required.

Not so long ago, I assisted a very kind and hard-working man who had been working as a builder until he suffered a fall in which he dislocated his shoulder.

Unfortunately, my Client was not treated appropriately at hospital. Despite being admitted as an in-patient, he did not receive any significant treatment apart from being monitored. He was then discharged and was not seen for a further two months. Due to the delay and the lack of treatment up to that point, he suffered severe muscle wasting and very significant damage. Surgery should have been undertaken within two weeks, rather than two months. He subsequently underwent surgery four months post-injury but it was too late to make a meaningful difference.

My Client could no longer work as a builder but he was fortunate to be offered a position with the company for whom he had worked for many years in a clerical role. This was a very significant change of lifestyle for my Client who very much enjoyed his manual work.

Despite the hospital initially denying any poor treatment had taken place, we persisted. The denial could not be substantiated by evidence and we had strong evidence to support our case.

I was really pleased to assist my Client with a settlement of his clinical negligence case in a substantial sum. This went some way to assisting my Client look after his family as he had suffered a very serious loss of earnings.

James Drydale

James is a partner and head of our clinical negligence Department. He is a member of the Law Society’s specialist Clinical Negligence Accreditation Panel and a Senior Litigator of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, APIL. For more information on this topic email or call on 0114 218 4058.

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