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Probate application fees: What effect could an increase have?

Probate application feesIt is fair to say that many breathed a collective sigh of relief when the decision was made recently to at least postpone the proposed increase in Probate application fees until after the general election.

The proposal, made and approved by the Ministry of Justice, to increase the Probate Registry fees for dealing with applications for Grant of Probate (where the deceased person left a Will) and Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) garnered a significant amount of publicity.

The proposal was deemed controversial with many referring to the proposed change in the fee structure as a “death tax”. A number of estates would have no Probate application fees to pay. However many would have seen a huge increase in the application fee to be paid; in some cases up to £20,000 from the current £155 payable.

For many people the Probate process can be a daunting prospect at what is a very difficult and distressing time in their lives. There can often be a variety of assets and organisations to deal with and potentially, depending on the value of the estate, inheritance tax to calculate and pay. If the deceased person owned a property there can be a number matters to deal with, including the valuation of the property, the ongoing payment of utility bills and home insurance and the clearance of the property.

At Taylor & Emmet we have a specialist team who can guide people through the administration of an estate from the early stages through to a conclusion. We can deal with all aspects of the deceased person’s estate including those matters mentioned above. This can offer a great relief and reassurance to friends and relatives of the deceased and remove the pressure of them having to deal with the numerous and varied aspects of a loved one’s estate.

Richard Barlow: Probate application fees
Richard Barlow


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Richard Barlow

Richard is a partner in our wills, probate, tax & trusts team in Sheffield. Richard worked at a local Sheffield firm for 9 years following qualification in 2000 and subsequently for 9 years at a Chesterfield based firm. For more information on this topic email or call him on 0114 218 4000.

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