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Is a leg length discrepancy following an operation negligent?

blue_paulfouad_panelPatients undergoing lower limb surgical procedures may subsequently experience a discrepancy in the length of their legs. Often this would be associated with a hip replacement operation due to arthritis or following a fall.

As a general rule, if you have been left with a leg length discrepancy of more than 2cm, there is a good chance this has happened because of substandard care. For example, the wrong prosthesis size may be used by the treating surgeon due to a lack of preparation before the operation. X-rays taken before the procedure should assist the surgeon to determine the amount of bone that is removed and the size of the hip implant used. If x-rays are not taken or correctly considered this may be negligent.

Leg length discrepancy can lead to problems with increased pain and damage to nerves such as the sciatic nerve. Nerves may be unnecessarily stretched because the wrong size prosthesis has been used. You may also experience a reduction in mobility meaning you are more reliant on family members and friends for help.

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Paul Fouad

Paul Fouad is a partner in the clinical negligence department. Paul is a member of the Law Society’s specialist clinical negligence Accreditation Panel. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4105.

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