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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

This could be the first lifesaving step you take if you have any concerns about changing habits in your bowel that may be cancerous. A list of the symptoms of bowel cancer can be found here. When it comes to trying to diagnose early signs of bowel cancer, communication by the patient to his or her GP is essential.

A GP should listen to your symptoms no matter how old you are. The Beating Bowel Cancer website ( indicates that bowel cancer does not just affect the over 60+ and is ‘becoming increasingly common in younger people too’.

It is a frightening thought, but if any of the symptoms appear the advice is to get an appointment with your GP. Talking about it could be the start of saving your own life.

According to Bowel Cancer Research almost 30% of cases in England are diagnosed via the ‘two-week wait’ referral route by your GP. This ‘two week wait’ period is when your GP arranges for you to see a specialist hospital doctor urgently. Further tests will be carried out and your symptoms will be investigated.

Your GP is very important in the process of diagnosing bowel cancer. Approximately 24% of bowel cancer cases in England are diagnosed following a routine or urgent GP referral, which means that GP’s make up the largest statistic for referring potential bowel cancer patients; which is why it is so vitally important to tell them if you have any concerns.

Taylor&Emmet have sadly been involved in cases of delayed diagnosis of bowel cancer. Not all delays are negligent and it will depend on the facts in each situation. You may not be able to work again and this may be worrying you as you might be unsure how it will impact your family. We can provide you with advice about whether or not you may have a case and how we can assist you. If you would like to discuss a potential case please email or call 0114 218 4000 and ask to speak to someone in our Clinical Negligence team.

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