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Protecting Our Children

blue_patw_panel“1 in 10 children suffer some form of neglect”. That’s the awful statistic I heard on breakfast TV this morning. It seems hard to believe and I guess it covers the smallest oversight to the most horrific child abuse cases we all sometimes have the misfortune to hear about. Then there are all those cases in between where social workers are having to make difficult choices about whether or how much to intervene in the private lives of families.

Whatever your personal take on the level of intervention might be it is good to know that social workers do not have a right to remove children against the wishes of parents without this first being sanctioned by a court. Whether this be an emergency situation or a chronic long term issue the local authority has to commence court proceedings and everyone involved with the family gets the chance to have their say.

If you ever find yourself in need on information in this regard don’t hesitate to get legal advice – the sooner the better!

Pat Wotherspoon

Pat represents local authorities, as well as parents, children and other family members. Her primary areas of practice include care proceedings, disputes relating to children, contact or residence issues and adoption. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4000.

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