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Paradise Lost

So Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are to separate.  I hope for their sakes that we all resist the urge to rush to the gossip columns and try and find out why they have separated who has done what, who is going to get what and so on.  Instead I would like to think that anyone who has ever experienced a breakdown of a relationship or seen friends or family go through the separation will realise that the right thing to do is to leave them alone and give them space and privacy that they need to try and resolve the details of their separation.

Any separation or Divorce, however amicable, is difficult and painful.  I can only imagine how much worse that must be if you have to deal with the world’s media looking over your shoulder, trying to get photos of you and your children and printing every little detail whether true, speculative or manufactured.

My hope for them both is that, to the extent that they involve lawyers, those lawyers will help them realise that  the best way forward for them and their  2 children, is to conduct themselves with dignity and respect for each other, their marriage and  their children.   I hope that  they are advised of the advantages of dealing with matters  utilising the Collaborative Family Law process so that they can work as a team  with the their two Lawyers to reach agreements and find solutions that work for their family and focus on the needs and best interests of their 2 children.

We have all seen in recent years how unpleasant and expensive high profile divorces can become when couples drag each other through a very public court case. Reports of high fees and dramatic  court room scenes may make for a good newspaper headline but they do not do my profession any favours.   Most Family Lawyers are committed to helping couples resolve matters amicably and  without the need for court proceedings and quite rightly so.

So, I wish Ms Paltrow, Mr Martin and their children a peaceful, amicable and very private separation.

Michaela Evans

Michaela Evans is head of our matrimonial team. Michaela deals mainly with matters arising from family breakdowns, particularly those relating to finances and arrangements for children following separation or divorce. She also has a growing number of international cases. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4000.

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