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Introducing Emmet the dog

I would like to introduEmmet Chairce you to Emmet the Dog. Emmet is the newest member of Taylor & Emmet’s Family Law and Family Mediation team.    Emmet is here to remind us how important it is to remember the children in the cases that we deal with.    In fact not only should we remember them, we should  focus on them.   We need to put the children first whenever we work with our clients in dealing with their divorce, separation or other family law matter.

It is not going to be all work and no play for Emmet.   He seems like an adventurous little dog and I am sure he will go on holidays, trips and outings with members of the team.  We are already squabbling about which office he should live in when he is not out and about!

Emmet was a very excitable little pup last week.   He had been looking forward to  his first Family Mediation Team Meeting.  He was very keen to meet the members of the Team who help couples resolve disputes, particularly relating to arrangements for their children, without having to go to Court.  Emmet doesn’t like Court.   He doesn’t want parents arguing.   He wants them to agree.  He knows that children are happier when their parents are in agreement and not fighting over them.   Here he is posing for his first team photo.  He thought some of the law that they talked about was a bit dull but he enjoyed the company and is pleased that the separating families of South and West Yorkshire are in such good hands.

Emmet team meeting




Michaela Evans

Michaela Evans is head of our matrimonial team. Michaela deals mainly with matters arising from family breakdowns, particularly those relating to finances and arrangements for children following separation or divorce. She also has a growing number of international cases. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4000.

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