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Dronfield 10K: The Route

There’s only a week left until the Taylor&Emmet Dronfield 10K!

If you haven’t run in an organised event before, you may be thinking ‘what if I take a wrong turn?’ Don’t worry – there are hundreds of runners turning out, so you can quite literally follow the crowd (unless you plan to lead the field). For that extra peace of mind, there will be a team of friendly martials on hand to point you in the right direction and give you a few much needed words of encouragement.

Know the route

There’s no pressure to learn the 10K route, but sometimes, a little insider knowledge is helpful. This week, a couple of our team braved the cold weather to test part of the course. For those of you who have participated before, you will be familiar with the circuit and it will come as no surprise to hear our collective thought was “those hills are tough!”

An overview

You set off from just outside The Jolly Farmer pub and the route takes an immediate ascent up Pentland Road, onto Carr Lane and along Leabrook Road. This first kilometre is challenging, so take it steady or you may regret it later in the race.

The good news is, you soon turn onto Gosforth Drive, where the course becomes a little more forgiving, heading downhill onto the first of two laps of the main route.

After running under the bypass, you take a left onto Gosforth Lane, before climbing towards Stubbley Lane. At this point, the course starts to test you again, as you start to run uphill, back onto Carr Lane, before heading down Pentland Road.

You’re now just past halfway and only one lap away from the final straight into Sindelfingen Park. At the end of lap two, you’ll earn the bragging rights to a successful 2019 Taylor&Emmet Dronfield 10K.

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