Want to change your name?

T&E NameChange allows you to change your name online in the UK. Taylor&Emmet makes it simple!

 How does it work?

The deed or a certified copy prepared by us will be accepted as evidence of your name change by banks and other organisations, as well as official bodies such as the DVLA and the Passport Agency.

 What can I change?

You can change any part of your name or even your full name. The name change process can be carried out as and when you please, and as many times as you like, provided it is not for fraudulent or illegal purposes.

 T&E NameChange

The process enables you to change your name in the United Kingdom.

If you are over 18 and you are looking to change your name we can prepare all the paperwork for you quickly and easily for fixed fee.

 What happens?

Fill in the form on the link below and arrange payment. Once we receive your completed form we will prepare your Change of Name Deed within five working days and e-mail or post it to you with instructions.

If you have requested certified copies, you will need to return the signed and witnessed form to us and we will arrange for the certified copies and original to be sent out to you within five working days.