Personal information that we will need from you

The table below contains a non-exhaustive list of the information that we routinely need to ask our clients to provide to us:


Personal data we will need

Personal data we may need

Your name, address and telephone number

Your national insurance number and tax details

Your email address and mobile number (if you have one)

Your bank or building society details

Details to enable us to check and verify your identity such as your date of birth

Details of your spouse/partner and dependents or other family members, for example, if you instruct us on a family matter or a Will

Information relating to the matter in respect of which you are seeking our advice or representation

Your employment status and details, including salary and benefits and records relating to sickness, attendance, performance, disciplinary, conduct and grievance if appropriate, for example, if you instruct us on an employment matter

Information to enable us to undertake a credit or other financial checks on you

Details of your pension arrangements, for example, if you instruct us on a matrimonial finances matter

Your financial details insofar as they are relevant to your matter, for example, the source of funds if we are acting for you on the purchase of property

Your racial or ethnic origin, gender and sexual orientation, religious or similar beliefs or trade union membership if, for example, you instruct us on a discrimination claim

Information about your use of our IT communications and other systems and other monitoring information if you are using our online client portal or website

Your medical records if, for example, we are acting for you on a personal injury or clinical negligence claim