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Mrs H is an elderly lady who was involved in a Road Traffic Accident whilst driving in the countryside. She suffered a whiplash injury and her legal expenses insurers appointed solicitors from their panel to represent her. At first she thought that was a very convenient way of dealing with her claim, but soon became disillusioned with her advisers.

The solicitors appointed were in a City about eighty miles away – too far for her to visit – so they dealt with her by post and telephone.

Very soon after the accident, she was examined by a medical expert and a matter of a few weeks later she was advised that there had been an offer of £1500 and that she should accept it. As she was still suffering from the effects of her injury, she protested that the offer appeared too low. Soon afterwards, another offer of £1700 was made and the solicitors insisted that she must accept it.

Mrs H was very unhappy and consulted Jonathan Stittle at a Taylor&Emmet Free Surgery at our Dronfield Office on a Wednesday evening. He agreed to take over the file, and when he did, was surprised that the current solicitors had:-

  • Obtained a medical report from a junior GP when the client still had significant ongoing pain in her neck. A report from an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in neck injuries was clearly needed.
  • Failed to realise that Mrs H had significant ongoing psychological problems including travel anxiety, and as she lived alone in Derbyshire and not within walking distance of any shops or amenities, was unable to go out at all.
  • Had received an interim payment and had not told Mrs H about it. Indeed they had spent part of it on paying for physiotherapy they had arranged for her and were keeping hold of the balance.

Jonathan obtained reports from an Orthopaedic Surgeon and from a Psychologist (who visited Mrs H at home) and proceeded to obtain a settlement of almost exactly £10000 for Mrs H.

Mrs H was delighted with our service, particularly as he was able to meet her by appointment and kept her updated regularly about the case, but remains very disappointed with the efforts of the solicitors she was given by her insurers.

This is not an uncommon story and we suggest that all injured people who wish to pursue a claim should consider if the callcentre-type service that insurers’ solicitors offer is really what they want. If in doubt, we will always advise you free of charge, either at one of our free surgeries or by telephone.

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