Wills can be challenged for a number of reasons. Our team offer full advice regarding Will disputes as a result of:

  1. Failure to comply with the legal formalities
  2. Concerns that the person lacked the capacity to make the Will
  3. Undue influence or duress
  4. Lack of knowledge and approval
  5. Revocation of wills
  6. Fraud or forgery.

Claims regarding the validity of a Will require careful, specialist analysis of the circumstances of the case, the evidence available and the consequences of each strand of claim.

Court Proceedings can be not only expensive but also extremely time consuming and stressful. In many Inheritance, Will and Trust Disputes, family relations can also be strained and threat of court proceedings can only heighten such tensions. That is why at Taylor&Emmet we will discuss with you the potential for alternative methods to resolve matters including open meetings or mediations which often provide a quicker, more cost-effective method of providing clients with a satisfactory solution.