Empty Homes

We assist local authorities in putting empty properties back into use and avoid the need for enforcement action.

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Unoccupied homes can affect the value of adjoining properties and can become a source of nuisance for the local area. Taylor & Emmet’s Empty Homes Department work with both the public and private sector to bring empty properties back into use and help provide much-needed accommodation in the UK’s fight to tackle the growing housing shortage.

How we can help

We are uniquely positioned to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for any issues relating to empty properties by combining specialist lawyers from different areas of law within our dedicated Empty Homes Department.

What we can do

  • We can investigate the title of the property and help trace the owner.
  • If the owner is deceased, we can help trace their will or any next of kin and assist with the administration of their estate.
  • If the owner is missing, then we can help with an application to appoint a guardian or a declaration of presumed death to enable the property to be put back into use.
  • If the owner lacks capacity, then we can help with an application to the Court of Protection to enable the property to be to be put back into use.
  • We can assist in cases involving unregistered properties with little or no title documents to confirm proof of ownership.
  • We can help arrange the clearance, insurance, and maintenance for empty properties.
  • We can advise on any landlord and tenant related disputes.
  • We can advise on any enforcement action relating to empty properties such as Compulsory Purchase orders (CPOs) and Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs)

CASE STUDY: Locating missing property owners using the Presumption of Death Act




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