It can happen to anyone

The abuse can begin at any time and includes physical assault, sexual abuse, rape and threats.

During the current pandemic incidents of domestic abuse have increased. Our specialist team of family lawyers can provide advice and, if appropriate, obtain court orders to protect victims. If you would like an appointment please contact us on 0114 218 4000, we have telephone appointments available.

The abuse can begin at any time and includes physical assault, sexual abuse, rape and threats. It may also include destructive criticism, pressure tactics, disrespect, breaking trust, isolation and harassment. Under the Family Law Act 1996, many victims of domestic violence can apply for Court orders against their abusers.

The Family Law Act 1996 allows you to apply for an Order against someone you live with or have lived with (whether or not you have been married), someone you have agreed to marry, or someone who shares parental responsibility for a child with you. These Orders can stop the abusive behaviour or, in some cases, prevent the abusive person from entering your home. Courts can attach a Power of Arrest so that if your abuser does not keep to the Order, the Police can take them to Court. Our legal experts will ensure our advice empowers you with options to bring this treatment to an end.

What do I do now?

Our experienced specialists lawyers understand the worry and distress conflicts involving children can cause and approach all matters sensitively and sympathetically, for the benefit of all concerned.

We advise and represent children, parents, other family members and foster carers at all stages of the process. This starts from the earliest involvement of social workers and includes meetings, case conferences and any subsequent care or related proceedings, as well as the adoption process.



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