More than just facts and figures

Our experienced divorce & family law solicitors have the background and resolve to assist you in these times of conflict.

There were 107,599 divorces of opposite-sex couples in 2019 and 822 divorces among same-sex couples in 2019. Unreasonable behaviour was the most common reason for opposite-sex couples divorcing in 2019 with 49% of wives and 35% of husbands petitioning on these grounds; it was also the most common reason for same-sex couples divorcing, accounting for 63% of divorces among women and 70% among men.

The 3 aspects to divorce are:

  • the dissolution of your marriage
  • the settling of the arrangements for your children (if you have any)
  • and the splitting of the assets


More than just facts & figures

During these testing times, specialist knowledge and advice is crucial. As well as the emotional repercussions there are also the financial consequences to be considered.

Our experienced family law team has the background and resolve to assist you in these times of conflict.

Taylor&Emmet LLP’s experienced matrimonial team can provide you with expert advice and a sympathetic ear on a range of issues. For expert legal advice call our Family Law Team on 0114 218 4000 or tell us what happened so we can provide you with expert legal advice.

Our priority is to resolve disputes as fairly and amicably as possible without lengthy legal battles, but if it is necessary to go to court, your case will be dealt with skilfully, sensitively and efficiently. We are also able to handle urgent cases and matters involving international law.

All of our family lawyers are specialists in their chosen field and as members of Resolution, they are committed to helping couples achieve a fair settlement by negotiation and meetings (collaboration) where possible.

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 The divorce/dissolution stages

We at Taylor&Emmet appreciate that the legal costs of instructing a solicitor to act in divorce or dissolution proceedings can be concerning. However, the prospect of preparing court documents can be daunting for some people. Poorly prepared documents are rejected by the court which leads to delay and inconvenience.

For this reason we have devised the Document Preparation Service. We will prepare the documents required by the petitioner at each stage in a straightforward divorce or civil partnership dissolution for a fixed fee.

Get started by clicking the link below or if you want to understand a little bit more about the process please click which stage you would like to know more about.

Preparation of the Petition

Application for Decree NISI / Conditional Order

Application for Decree Absolute / Final Decree



 Court fees

The fixed fees do not include court fee. The court fee is currently: - £550

People on a low income may be entitled to a reduced court fee or even for this to be remitted (cancelled) in full. You can find out whether you will be entitled to a full or part fee remission using the court website

What do I do now?

Our experienced specialists lawyers understand the worry and distress conflicts involving children can cause and approach all matters sensitively and sympathetically, for the benefit of all concerned.

We advise and represent children, parents, other family members and foster carers at all stages of the process. This starts from the earliest involvement of social workers and includes meetings, case conferences and any subsequent care or related proceedings, as well as the adoption process.

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