Have you suffered negligent surgery?

If you are suffering with C.Difficile, it is very important that you are diagnosed and receive treatment as soon as possible.

We receive many enquires about cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery which has allegedly been negligently carried out. Some surgeons conducting cosmetic procedures do not have the necessary specialist skills to perform surgery safely.

Rules were introduced to ensure that all surgeons and doctors registering to carry out cosmetic surgery after 1st April 2002, have to undergo specialist surgical training before being allowed to conduct cosmetic surgery.  However, anyone who registered before that date can remain unregulated and may not have undergone any specialist surgical training.

If surgery goes wrong, this may be a breach of contract due to the fact that it is private treatment, as well as negligence.

The following situations can lead to problems:

Breast implants, breast reduction, breast uplifting, liposuction, hair replacement, rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, chin tucks, otoplasty, chemical peels, facelifts, laser eye surgery, post surgical infection, unevenness following breast implants, unexpected scarring following surgery, problems with eyesight following laser eye surgery, injury to the accessory nerve after a facelift operation.

Please speak to one of our friendly, expert solicitors about any complaint you may have, if you think that surgery has been carried out negligently. This is a sensitive area and we offer you help in total confidence and at no obligation.

You can claim compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, loss of earnings, medical and nursing care costs, specialist equipment needed to carry out daily activities, costs in adapting your home and any other expenses incurred as a result of your injury.

Case studies

Breast surgery

It was alleged that a breast implant had been negligently ruptured at the time it was inserted. This was not discovered for several months and the young lady suffered pain and distortion of her breast with associated psychiatric injury as a result. Revision surgery was eventually carried out privately around 15 months following the original procedure. The case was settled without an admission of liability and prior to the issue of court proceedings for £24,250.

Blepharoplasty procedure

This woman was inadequately consented to a blepharoplasty procedure to remove excess tissue under her eyes. The procedure was much more complicated than the claimant was led to believe and she needed two further operations. Settlement in the sum of £17,500 was secured.

Bilateral Mastectomy Correction

A young lady had a bilateral mastectomy due to a mutation of the BRCA2 gene and she opted to have reconstructive surgery immediately following a bilateral mastectomy. Unfortunately one breast during the reconstruction was not formed correctly. The pocket of the breast had not been created properly and this caused significant asymmetry. A corrective procedure was attempted and this also failed to correct the issue. We obtained expert evidence that confirmed the surgery was below the acceptable standard of care and therefore negligent. The lady in this case required multiple revision operations and procedures in order to correct the implant to bring both breasts in line with her pre-operative natural breasts. The claim was settled out of Court for £31,000 after proceedings were issued. The Claimant’s compensation was for the damage done both physically and mentally, past and future losses including the care and assistance she required from her family as a result.

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