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All medical practitioners have a duty to take reasonable care when managing their patients, whether simply by referring a patient to a specialist in the light of certain symptoms, or by carrying out complex, major surgery. When a medical practitioner fails in meeting this duty, then patients may be left injured. They often feel helpless in dealing with a large Health Trust which may not want to listen to the complaints of patients, no matter how genuine they are.

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Failure during hysterectomy

Our client was successful in her clinical negligence case in relation to the failure during surgery in Hospital to carry out a hysterectomy to a reasonable standard. A major artery was injured during what was meant to be a laparoscopic hysterectomy and the operation had to be converted to open surgery. The client suffered from intraperitoneal bleeding and a clot that formed a large hematoma in the pelvis. During this time the client experienced a significant amount of pain and had a number of complications including the lodging of her nasogastric tube and bed sores. The client had a large amount of scarring and suffered severe PTSD that manifested itself in both psychiatric and physical conditions for which she received compensation over £100,000.

Delayed diagnosis

A lady in her 40s pursued a case against Royal United Hosital Bath NHS Trust alleging that her cervical smear test had wrongly been reported as normal. She sustained significant damage from radiotherapy because of the delay in diagnosis. She was left with significant pain and faecal incontinence which hugely affected her social and work life. The Defendant admitted liability and if the smear test had been correctly interpreted she could have had swift non-invasive treatment and would have avoided the life changing side effects. The case settled before a Trial in the sum of £650,000.

Delayed diagnosis of rectal cancer

We were instructed by the sister of a gentleman who died after delayed diagnosis of rectal cancer. Despite a change in bowel habit and passing blood, no examination or referral was made by the Lincolnshire based GP and a diagnosis of piles was made. Sadly the cancer became more advanced and, by the time he was diagnosed, the tumour was inoperable. Had he been referred initially, his life would have been saved. Liability was conceded and the case settled for £130,000.

Negligent spinal surgery

Our Client was catastrophically injured as a result of negligent spinal surgery. Liability for the negligent surgery was admitted but the case was extremely complex due to the varied nature of our Client’s many injuries. The claim settled for over £2,000,000.00 just before Trial on an assessment of damages.

Consent cases - Nerve damage and disability

A lady pursued a case against Oxfordshire University Hospitals NHS Trust. She contended that the surgeon had proceeded with aspects of surgery on her foot which she had not consented to. She sustained nerve damage and disability which restricted her ability to walk and work. She could no longer play sports such as badminton which she had previously enjoyed at a competitive level. The matter won at Trial and damages were awarded in the sum of £150,000.

Brain injuries

Our client was a man in his 70s who pursued a case against Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust having sustained a stroke following a routine hernia operation. We had supportive evidence which said that his anticoagulation medication had not been correctly managed in the build up to and following his operation.

Unfortunately, as a result of the alleged negligence the gentleman suffered a stroke and sustained brain damage. He lost sight in one eye and had significant effects on his memory. He was unable to carry out many of his hobbies and could not drive. He had significant additional care needs and, although the matter was strongly defended, settlement was eventually agreed at £375,000 about a month before a Trial was to start.

We pursued a case on behalf of the estate of a woman in her 30s who sadly died as a result of a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage. Her family described that, several weeks prior to her death, she described very severe headaches and vomiting. She had been assessed by GPs who diagnosed a neck strain. We suggested that an alternative diagnosis should have been considered and a scan would have resulted in the correct diagnosis and prompt surgery. Had surgery taken place she would have gone on to have a normal life expectancy. She was not married, but left behind a teenaged son. Liability was denied by two GP Defendants, but the case was eventually settled for £40,000.

Death from faecal peritonitis

Settlement was achieved for the widow of an elderly man who died as a result of the hospital’s admitted negligence. Amongst other failures, there was a lack of rectal examination which would have saved the patient’s life. The claim settled for £65,000.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

A gentleman pursued a case in relation to his late wife against Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. She had fractured her leg abroad and took a long flight back home and was crying in pain on the plane back and went straight to A&E when the plane landed. She was assessed, but a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was not suspected despite swelling and pain. Sadly she went on to develop a pulmonary embolism and died a few days later. Liability was admitted by the Trust and the case settled for £200,000.

DVT and PE

A gentleman pursued a case against Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for a failure to follow guidelines on anticoagulation following complex knee surgery. He remained immobile at home and went on to develop a DVT and PE. Luckily he was rushed to hospital and was saved, but it was alleged he would be at increased risk of future embolism as a result of this episode. Liability was denied, but the matter eventually settled for £17,500.

Pressure sores

Mrs Makin went into the Wrightington Hospital for a hip replacement operation in November 2008 but came out with severe pressure sores.

She was in hospital for a total of 11 days. Whilst she was recuperating she could not mobilise. Mrs Makin developed discomfort and pain in her heels. She asked staff on duty to look at her heels but the answer each time was, “I will be back in a minute.” No proper action was taken.

Blisters were eventually noticed on Mrs Makin’s heels seven days after the surgery but there was no adequate intervention to prevent pressure sores from getting worse. We obtained expert evidence from a tissue viability nurse. There was no proper use of the routinely used Waterlow Risk Assessment, by hospital staff, in Mrs Makin’s case.

The guidelines laid down by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence in relation to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers were not followed.

Client Story 1 - Pressure sores

Shoulder injury and delayed treatment

A £300,000 settlement for a client whose shoulder injury was ignored, leading to a very significant delay in treatment.  This caused severe shoulder damage which would not otherwise have occurred, constant pain and a reduction in ability to work.

Botched knee injury

£150,000 settlement for a client whose knee replacement was botched.

Infection resulting in sepsis

We pursued a case for a lady in her 70s. She sustained a cat scratch whilst looking after a family pet. Her hand became red, hot and swollen and she attended A&E under the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She was given anti-inflammatory drugs and sent home. In fact she had a serious infection which developed to the extent that she sustained sepsis and had to be admitted to hospital for 5-6 days. She had permanent reduced grip strength and dexterity in her hand. She was unable to look after and play with her grandchildren as she had enjoyed doing previously. She required additional assistance from friends and family with heavier day to day tasks. Our evidence suggested that the lady should have been treated with antibiotics and she would have made a full recovery if this had happened.

It was acknowledged a mistake had been made and the case eventually settled for £85,000.

Failed nursing care

An 80 year old man was admitted to hospital for intensive treatment in relation to depression. His condition began to improve and his family hoped that he would be discharged in early July 2008.

Unfortunately, patients who suffered from both depressive illness and illnesses such as dementia were treated together. One evening, the gentleman was assaulted by another patient on the ward who was known to have a violent and aggressive history due to an ongoing mental illness. The elderly man sustained severe blunt head injuries and sadly, his condition deteriorated and he died three days later.

Client Story 2 - Failed nursing care

Negligent surgery

£130,000 settlement for a lady who sustained injury to her median nerve following negligent surgery to her elbow.

Misdiagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma

Our client regularly attended her General Practitioner over a period of three years complaining of a lesion to her temple which was abnormal, itchy and increasing in size. The lesion was treated as a seborrhoeic wart.

It was at the end of the two years when the Claimant was finally referred to a Consultant Dermatologist where a basal cell carcinoma was confirmed. This was excised but unfortunately our client was left which a much larger scar on her face than she would have had in the event that diagnosis of a carcinoma had been made sooner. The case settled for the sum of £5,000.00.


A settlement for a lady diagnosed with asthma, when in fact she had angina, subsequently suffering two avoidable heart attacks.

Cerebral palsy

Injury at birth caused spastic quadriplegia with associated orthopaedic deformities with scoliosis and hip dislocation.  After meetings with the experts, the midwives agreed that failure to conduct a vaginal examination fell below a reasonable standard. The case was settled the day before trial for £1,575,000.  

Bladder damage

A settlement of £30,000 was secured for a lady who sustained a bladder injury during a hysterectomy. There was failure to refer her to a urologist and an inadequate repair was carried out. This led to problems with her kidneys, which required a nephrostomy.


It was admitted by the defendant that there had been inadequate assessment of an elderly gentleman for a bunion operation. Due to poor blood supply, he was at a high risk of developing complications and should only have been given alternative footwear. An operation was carried out and unfortunately he developed a severe infection, which eventually resulted in the need for an above knee amputation. It was argued that a move to new accommodation would be necessary, due to his existing flat being unsuitable for wheelchair use. The client was 80 years old when settlement of £550,000 was agreed.  


The decision to carry out a haemorrhoidectomy for this lady’s piles was unnecessary. She should only have been offered conservative treatment. She went onto develop significant pain and suffering after the procedure and needed further procedures to reduce her pain. She experienced ongoing discomfort and the claim was settled for £45,000 with an admission of liability.



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