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Advice for your business: On the 7th day of Christmas…

…swim against the tide.

We’d all like to think we were swans swimming smoothly to business success, however, our advice this Christmas is don’t be afraid to paddle harder and strike out in your own direction.

Many companies and indeed professional advisors, see something trending and jump on the bandwagon. Instead, take a look at what makes your business unique. Why did you want to form a company originally?  Why should clients come to you, rather than one of your competitors?

These are our top 12 tips to help your business stand out from the flock.

  1. Look after staff: More often than not it is employees who deal directly with customers and to produce the best levels service, your staff need to be happy.
  2. Get online: We’ve reached an age where people simply Google anything they need. For example, where is my nearest optician? If you don’t have a website, you are losing customers. It is no longer word of mouth alone that dictates your company’s reputation, but online reviews and searches as well.
  3. Customer satisfaction: Having great customer service results is imperative. Please the client and you’ll encourage them to recommend your company.
  4. Know your customers: Take time to understand your clients so they feel they receive a personal service every time they return. Treating repeat customers generically will not give them that feeling and they won’t differentiate you from other companies, which may result in their loyalties lying elsewhere.
  5. Create offers: Every customer will respond well to a good offer, be it a price reduction or a freebie.
  6. Make it easy to do business with you: The easier you make trading, the more clients you will receive and the more your reputation will grow.
  7. Be the expert in your field: Every client wants to deal with the most experienced person in their sector, whether you sell goods or provide services.
  8. Create a unique business model: Be transparent about the things you do and why.
  9. Narrow your target market: Have a specific niche so you can focus on the skills or services that benefit your customer.
  10. Solve a problem: Is there a common problem clients have in your field of expertise? Can you offer a way to solve it faster and with better results?
  11. Blog about what’s important: Build your reputation by writing blogs about what is impacting your industry and any successes you have. Keep customers in the loop about changes, enhancements, news and events about your company.
  12. Be innovative: If your services are the same as a competitor, make the way you deliver them different. Work with clients or get to the solution faster than your rivals and seek to find ways to improve your service continuously.

If you would like help implementing any of the measures we have outlined here to benefit your business, contact corporate expert, Rob Moore, on 0114 218 4000 or email

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