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Advice for your business: On the 9th day of Christmas…

…find the right partner.

On the ninth day of Christmas the dancing ladies were in town to grab a partner and waltz their way through the festive season.

But did you know identifying the right funding partner is equally important to business success?

If you are planning to grow your company, remember to build in time to raise the finance you need. Locating an investor whose interests match yours is crucial. Start by engaging professional advisors early on, as they can make vital introductions to suitable financiers. The right management team is also essential and you will need to consider taking on new personnel to fill any skills gaps.

This focus on good leadership and your commercial structure will highlight strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed if you are to become a viable investment prospect.

Ultimately, it is worth the effort. Securing a good finance partner will bring more than just money to the table – they will add value to your developing business.

For more information about obtaining funding, speak to Rob Moore, our corporate specialist, who will help you every step of the way. Telephone (0114) 218 4000 or email

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