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On the eleventh day of Christmas, my corporate solicitor advised me…

… to consider my corporate social responsibility.

pexels-photo-212311-resizedDon’t let those pipers piping make you sound out of tune with the local community.

For many companies in the UK and globally, corporate social responsibility has become a key feature of business strategy, decisions, activities and communications. This growing awareness and attention to community issues can have numerous benefits.

In the words of the UK government, corporate social responsibility is defined as: “The responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour above and beyond its statutory requirements.”

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for ethical, community focused trading practices from governments, shareholders, other stakeholders (for example, customers) and interest groups. Companies have become more aware of the setting in which they operate and now recognise they have a key part to play in sustainable developments and the environment.

By becoming an active, integrated member of your local community, you can:

  • Achieve or improve your competitive edge, gain and maintain clients and increase the business’ value
  • Enhance or protect your reputation
  • Make cost savings by reducing waste
  • Manage risks
  • Avoid controversy
  • Improve staff recruitment, retention, motivation, morale and job satisfaction
  • Develop a business culture and values to help distinguish and promote your brand
  • Improve relationships with suppliers and government authorities
  • Attract shareholders through socially responsible investments

If you would like to develop a corporate responsibility strategy that is practical and easy to implement, contact our corporate specialist, Rob Moore, on (0114) 218 4000 or follow us on Twitter, @tayloremmet.

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