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Adopt mobile working strategies and boost productivity

Law firms have been historically slow on the uptake of new technology and are often seen as behind the curve in relation to services such as cloud and IT mobility.

This is due, in part, to perceived security risks, but another major contributory factor is the inward facing nature of the sector. We tend to look to competitors for IT trends, rather than the wider technology marketplace.

In the last two years commercial teams have witnessed first-hand the adoption of mobile working strategies, which are helping to drive productivity. Employees do not want to be tied to their desks – they expect technology to give them the flexibility, performance and ease of use they experience in their personal lives.

Finally, UK law firms of all sizes are realising the ability to access case documentation and communicate with clients and colleagues on the road, raises the speed and quality of services.

Competition is fierce at all ends of the market and never has it been more important to evaluate the way staff are accessing and utilising primary business applications. Can you offer a consistent desktop experience across multiple devices? If not, your competitors can.

Long gone are the days when solicitors could expect a behind the desk role. Mobile working practices are the future – we need to be flexible and be able to deal with client demands on the go. Corporate deals need managing efficiently and effectively to be delivered on time and within budget and businesses expect a proactive commitment from their professional advisers.

I ensure I can make myself available to clients almost all of the time in the week and weekends, so clients know they can contact me directly by phone, text or email and they will receive a prompt response. If necessary I can work on their files/legal documents remotely either when I am at home or away, safe in the knowledge I am supported by a competent, professional team back in the office.

This approach is a key part of my service offering and what savvy business clients want from their corporate lawyer.

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