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Why you should never accept a pre-medical offer without a Solicitor’s advice.

All's well that ends well!

I have settled a case this week which highlights the risks of accepting pre-medical offers.

A client was injured at work.  He suffered significant damage to his dental implants and required approximately £4000.00 worth of immediate repair work as a result of the accident.

His employer, in fairness, accepted liability and their insurers wrote to our client offering to pay for the treatment.

So far, so good, you might think.

The problem was that the work costing £4k was only the first stage of the required treatment, and the client’s dentist had told him that £4,000.00 might not be enough to cover all the work required, some of which would be needed in several years’ time.

The insurers dug their heels in, and refused to pay more than £4000, so the client came to see me.

12 months later, we have now settled his claim for £15,000.00.  This sum includes the £4000.00 for the treatment required now, which he can now pay for, and makes provision for the treatment he is going to need again in 15 years, when his repaired implants will need replacing.  It also includes compensation for his injuries.  He was in significant pain for many months, and had to have his food mashed up until he recovered enough to eat normally.  The  social embarrassment caused by the injury left him feeling withdrawn and unable to go out for dinner with his friends and family. Had he taken the insurers’ offer, he would have received £11,000.00 less than we obtained for him.

Insurers often offer claimants sums of money directly at an early stage after their accident.  In my career I have seen many of these offers, and never have the insurers offered anywhere near the true value of the claim.  Whilst I fully understand the injured people wanting to settle early and ‘get it over and done with’ – it is clear that  without obtaining legal advice first, Claimants are nearly always bought off cheaply by insurance companies whose duties are to their shareholders, not to injured people.

Think very carefully before you accept an offer without a Solicitor’s advice!

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