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Unsolicited Calls: Why we will never be associated with them

Don’t you just hate those unsolicited calls inviting you to make a personal injury claim for an accident that may or may not have occurred?

Cold calling, unsolicited texts and emails give a bad name to those who obtain work from these approaches, and that is just one reason why Tayor&Emmet will never be associated with organisations which use them.

But who makes these unsolicited calls?

The chances are that it is a call centre that has acquired your details from a third party whose details you will probably never find. If you were involved in an accident to which the call/text/email relates and whilst it may seem convenient that somebody appears to be taking an interest in your case and is on your side, you should proceed with caution. We have come across many clients who have changed solicitors and instructed us when they were dissatisfied by the service provided by a firm they were introduced to by such approaches.

The scale of this practice was revealed in May 2017 when Keurboom Communications Limited of Dunstable was fined £400,000 for making over 100 million nuisance calls.

Why you should instruct your own solicitor.

It is very easy to find a reputable solicitor we would always advise you to choose your own, preferably one that you have used before or who has been recommended to you by a previous client. An important part of the personal injury process is the ability to meet with your solicitor, so it would be preferable to find one in the local area, perhaps that a friend or family member may have used before.

On the flip side, the solicitors provided as a result of cold calls will probably give you no idea of their competence, location or reputation. It may well be that your case will be handled by an inexperienced paralegal rather than a reputable and qualified solicitor or legal executive who you will never meet.

We prefer to meet our clients face-to-face at one of our 4 offices in Sheffield and Derbyshire and provide the best service possible to all our personal injury clients. We advise clients to settle claims at the right time, which is usually when their injuries have settled and an accurate prognosis can be given by a suitable medical expert, rather than rushing them into a quick settlement based on a vague, brief medical opinion obtained soon after the accident.

Our team of personal injury lawyers have your best interests at heart, and we want to make a difference to your lives, that’s why we rely on upon our reputation. If you wish to speak to one of our team then please call us on 0114 218 4000 or email

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