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Take a Stand Against the Civil Liability Bill

Some time ago, we acted for a young lady, who I will call Miss D, who was a front seat passenger in her partner’s vehicle as they were enjoying a day out in the countryside.

They were stationary in a queue of traffic when another motorist, without looking, pulled out of a junction and struck side of their vehicle. The force of the collision caused Miss D to be thrown forwards in her seat, striking her head on the dashboard.

Our client was both physically and psychologically injured as a result of this accident. She was taken to a local hospital where she was examined and diagnosed with whiplash-type injuries to her neck, shoulders and back. The attending doctors prescribed pain relief and advised her to rest.

After Miss D instructed us to deal with her claim, we contacted the other driver’s insurers who quickly admitted liability. Having obtained a report from a medical expert, we arranged physiotherapy for our client as well as psychological treatment for the severe travel anxiety she had developed.

Her claim was then settle for £3,800.00 together with our legal fees and the cost of rehabilitation.

Miss D’s case would have resulted in a very different outcome if the Civil Liability Bill was in force before her accident. The Bill will mean that Claimants in road traffic accident claims with injuries of a value of less than £5000 will not be able to recover legal fees if they pursue a claim. This will affect a large proportion of the population. Those Claimants may well have to deal with the claims themselves. It would be very difficult for Miss D or any person who is not legally qualified to pursue a claim directly without the necessary knowledge and experience of a Personal Injury solicitor. In this case, the insurer might have offered to settle the matter for much less than it was worth or even have rejected the claim, leaving Miss D to try and pursue the matter through the Courts.

The Civil Liability Bill will severely affect the law affecting Claimants in Road Traffic Accident claims if passed as drafted. We are lobbying the MPs in Sheffield to oppose this unfair bill which will deny thousands of people from gaining access to justice every year.

It is not fair that individuals will have to fight against insurers who make millions, if not billions of pounds of profits every year when they are injured. Insurers can afford solicitors, but many people cannot. We think it is time to take a stand and hope you will do likewise. You will find contact details for your MP online at . Please do now and before it is too late!

Should you or anyone you know have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident please do not hesitate to contact us on 0114 2184233 or email

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