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Getting fit for summer? Be careful

Well, after all the torrential rain we’ve had, we are hoping that it’s now time for the sun to shine, and the beer gardens to be in full use. Everyone can relate to the saying, ‘I’m going to get fit for summer’ so it is not surprising that the number of people joining gyms has increased significantly over the past few years. Not surprisingly, so has the number of accidents occurring in gyms and fitness centres.

All gyms have a responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe environment for their members by providing well-maintained gym equipment, knowledgeable trainers, vigilant supervisors and safe and hygienic facilities. So before you start up the treadmill, make sure you are given a full induction on all of the gym equipment.

The majority of gyms are equipped with exercise machines which contain heavy weights. If these machines are not maintained or used correctly, it may result in serious injuries to both the persons using them and others in their vicinity. Owners and managers of fitness facilities must have systems in place to ensure that their equipment is inspected and maintained regularly and that the machines are used correctly.

  • Common causes of gym accidents include:
  • Faulty or defective gym equipment
  • Lack of maintenance or repair on gym equipment
  • Inadequate or improper instruction by a trainer
  • Inadequate induction sessions
  • Trips or slips on wet or uneven flooring
  • Improper use of equipment by another gym user, which causes injury to third parties
  • Inadequate cleaning of equipment or facilities that could lead to infections

So what should you do if you suffer an injury at the gym?

If you are injured whilst at the gym, one of the first things to do is report the incident to the staff and ensure that the details are adequately recorded, preferably in writing in an incident book.

If any of the machines are defective, taking photographs is also very helpful for any potential personal injury claim. It is also important to obtain contact details from any witnesses who saw your accident take place.

We have acted for people who have had such injuries including:-

  • A client who fell over a rowing machine after it had been moved from its usual place
  • A disabled man who was left in a sauna by a member of staff who forgot to collect him at the agreed time
  • Someone who fell off a defective treadmill
  • A client who suffered a shoulder injury after being given a programme to lift weights which were clearly too heavy for her
  • A client who slipped in a pool of water on the changing room floor

So whilst you are going for the burn and working on your beach body, be very careful!

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