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Cases of the Week – Spilt dinners and denied liability

Spilt school dinner causes burns to pupils arm

Jonathan Stittle helped a young Sheffield pupil to recover damages after he was injured whilst being served with his lunch at his primary school.

The client was served with a hot dinner, and in the process suffered a nasty burn to his arm. His mother was called and he was taken to the Children’s Hospital to receive treatment before returning for the wound to be dressed on two further occasions.

The Case

The case was unusual as there were no witnesses to the injury apart from the client himself. It was not clear exactly how he came to be injured.

The Local Authority denied liability and we started Court Proceedings which continued for several months before the Defendant’s solicitors settled the claim.

The Outcome

Fortunately our client has made a full recovery. With the claimant being a child he will receive his compensation when he is eighteen years of age, after the compensation has been invested on his behalf by the Court Funds Office.

Driver denies liability after mounting pavement

We were instructed by a gentleman in his mid-forties who was stood talking to a friend on the pavement of a busy high street. When the Defendant lost control of his vehicle and drove up onto the pavement our client was pinned up against a large industrial waste disposal bin. The Defendant attempted to drive from the scene but was stopped by passers-by. Paramedics were called and the Claimant was taken to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with damage to the ligaments of his left knee together with cuts, bruising and swellings of his legs.

The Case

It took many months to obtain the correct insurers for the Defendant who initially denied liability on the basis that they were unaware of the accident taking place. We were able to request the police report and obtain witness evidence from passers-by who assisted us in proving the Claimant’s claim. Eventually, the insurance company admitted liability for the accident.

The Outcome

Following the admission of liability, we obtained a medical report on the Claimant’s injuries. The medical expert recommended that the Claimant undergo a course of extensive physiotherapy to assist him in his recovery. Arrangements were made and the Claimant underwent the treatment. He went on to make a full recovery after which time we were able to obtain damages for him in the sum of £4,500.00.

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Jonathan Stittle

Jonathan Stittle, head of our personal injury department, joined Taylor&Emmet in 1986 and became a partner a year later. He studied law in Oxford and Chester and has been a member of the Law Society’s personal injury panel since it was formed in 1994. For more information on this topic email or call him on 0114 218 4049.

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