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Pre-medical offers – What are they and should you accept them?

It is all too common for insurers to make pre-medical offers to injured people soon after their accidents. Whilst this may seem tempting for clients, generally, we would never advise acceptance of these offers.

What is a Pre-medical offer?

Pre-medical offers are offers of settlement from insurers made without seeing any medical evidence which would enable us to value a claim. Accepting a pre-medical offer is usually very risky and if you do so you could be severely under-settling your claim.

If an insurer makes an offer to you directly, you should consult an experienced injury lawyer straight away as you may recovery much more than the offer. A recent case highlights the huge difference between some insurers’ offers and the true value of a case.

Should I accept?

This week, I settled a case for a woman who had fallen over as a result of a defect in the pavement and injured her shoulder . Liability was admitted at the outset and the Defendant’s insurer quickly put forward a pre-medical offer in the sum of £1,800.00. The Claimant was very tempted to take this offer but followed our advice and refused it.

We later obtained a medical report which confirmed that the injury to the Claimant’s shoulder was more serious than originally thought as she had suffered a tear of her rotator cuff muscle. After providing our client with physiotherapy (paid for by the opponent’s insurers) which helped her make a full recovery, we secured a settlement in the sum of £14,000.00, some £12,200 more than the pre-medical offer!

Whilst pre-medical offers are very tempting, we always advise clients that without medical evidence it is extremely difficult to accurately value a claim. If our client had accepted the pre-medical offer, she would not have been able to undergo privately-funded rehabilitation and would have severely under-settled her claim.

Our advice is always to think very carefully before accepting any offer from an insurer and always seek advice from an experienced personal injury solicitor.

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