Mr J, the amateur athlete – award of nearly £200,000.00 to reflect change of lifestyle.

Mr J, the amateur athlete

Recently, we settled a claim for Mr J, aged 40, who was riding home from work on his pushbike when he was struck by a careless driver, sustaining multiple injuries. The worst injury was to his knee and after he had recovered as fully as possible, he was able to return to work and live a near-normal life. To look at him, you would not know that he carries a disability as he worked very hard to rehabilitate his knee both by attending physiotherapy and by exercising at his local gym so that he now walks normally and looks fit and healthy.

We recently won damages for an elderly lady injured in a road traffic accident. Nothing too remarkable in that, except part of the settlement wasn’t money!

Toad traffic accident

The claimant was a pedestrian injured whilst out shopping and crossing a road at the mouth of a junction. A motorist didn’t see the claimant, whilst reversing into the junction, and the car knocked her down. It was a low speed impact but unfortunately, as the claimant fell, she struck her hip on the edge of the kerb & sustained a fracture which resulted in her undergoing a hip replacement operation.

A robust letter of claim was directed to the insurers for the motorist and an early admission of liability secured.

We recently won £4500 for a lady client arising from an accident at work

Accident at work

What makes the claim interesting is not the modest level of damages but the application of the law that made the case into a winner.

The claimant is a manager at a trade warehouse which, amongst its products sells wine & beer. The claimant was unfortunate enough to be walking close to a forklift truck which was carrying cases of beer on a pallet which fractured , causing the cases to fall onto the client and injuring her.