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Home: a safe place?

blue_johns_panelHome is our safe haven, the place we feel secure and out of harm’s way. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Accidents that are preventable and not your fault can happen in the sanctity of your own home, sometimes with devastating and life changing consequences.

In Sheffield and the surrounding areas, I have worked with many people who have been injured at home and have successfully sought compensation to cover the damages suffered.

One of my clients was awarded a six figure sum in damages after the handbrake on her son’s car failed and she was run over, on her own drive. She suffered a fractured pelvis, shoulder and ribs and a punctured lung. The accident left her with very serious scarring requiring extensive skin grafting.

I am helping another client who had fallen though her kitchen floor after tradesmen had removed it but had failed to warn her. She will be awarded damages to compensate for the loss of her two front teeth, for which she required three years of dental treatment.

A wide range of household products can cause accidents; one client lost the tip of his thumb when opening a defective tin of cat food; I had a client who broke their tooth on a piece of metal in their chocolate bar and I have helped people who have suffered very serious bouts of food poisoning from supermarket-bought products including pizza and seafood. Another of my local clients successfully won damages after a builder at their home fell off his ladder directly on to them, causing a severe neck injury.

We cannot prevent accidents happening altogether, not even in our own homes. However, if something happens that wasn’t your fault and has life changing consequences, you may need to make adjustments and seek medical treatment to live a happy and fulfilled life. Pursuing a personal injury claim will help you to establish how your accident is going to impact on your life and what financial implications this will have. By working with a thorough and experienced solicitor, you can then seek the compensation you deserve.


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