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Pre-medical offers: Don’t just accept them

At the outset of every claim, it is difficult to ascertain how much you may be awarded, particularly if your injuries are ongoing.

It is often that once the Defendant admits liability, they will put forward a pre-medical offer to try and settle the claim. This means they are putting forward an offer to settle, based on the limited information they have on the you have injuries sustained, without sight of an independent medical report.

There is a great deal of risk involved with accepting a pre-medical offer, especially when symptoms are persisting and treatment is required. If you were to accept the offer, when you are not fully recovered, you run the risk of under settling your claim.

If you accepted an offer, there is a risk that you do not recover as hoped or expected. At this point, you would not be able to reopen your claim and pursue the Defendant for further compensation.

In addition to the above, most pre-medical offers do not take into account additional losses, such as loss of earnings, and treatment costs, which can be claimed in addition to your injuries.

Therefore to avoid such risks, it is our advice to reject any offers received prior to receipt of medical evidence, until you are fully recovered, or alternatively, we have a prognosis for your injuries from an independent medical expert.

Therefore, think carefully before you accept a pre-medical offer, and make sure you take advice from a solicitor. You can contact us on 0114 218 4000 or by emailing

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