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Cyclists beware…………of other road users


Cycling is currently enjoying a huge upturn in popularity. If the statistics are true, I am one of the 40% of the population that doesn’t regularly ride a pedal bike. No doubt inspired by the Tours de France and Yorkshire, a fair number of my colleagues regularly cycle to work.

Whilst not wanting to put people off a very commendable and eco-friendly hobby, I would warn them of the serious danger they face on a daily basis – bad drivers!

Not only have Sir Bradley Wiggins and his coach been injured by negligent motorists while riding on roads, but many of our clients have met with similar fates on the streets and highways of South Yorkshire.

I have represented several cyclists who regularly competed in time trials and races. One has been involved in 2 accidents in 3 years, neither of which was his fault. Another has had his cycling career ended by a serious leg injury caused by a middle aged man who made a left turn without checking for cyclists before he did so.

Cyclists should always wear bright, protective clothing, particularly a helmet. One of my clients owes his life to his cycle helmet after he was knocked off his bike by a white van driver turning right across his path on his way to work. Another was wearing a helmet but still suffered a serious brain injury when a hit-and-run driver collided with him on a Derbyshire road.

A few years ago I acted for the widow of a senior and very experienced cyclist who was another victim of a young driver that did not “think bike” before changing lanes.

Whilst the majority of cycling injuries are not life-threatening, many are serious so if you are thinking of getting on your bike, please wear very conspicuous clothing, make sure your lights are working, wear a helmet and assume that every driver on the road cannot see you!

I won’t be cycling this weekend and am glad that I didn’t buy a ticket for the third test at Edgbaston tomorrow. Instead, I will be making final preparations for the Stittle family holiday, so won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks. Enjoy your summer and be careful!

Jonathan Stittle

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