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Cycling Accidents: Recent wins

Cyclist struck by car on highway

We have recently secured an admission of liability for a gentleman who was struck by a car whilst cycling along a highway. The vehicle struck the wheel of our Claimant’s bicycle which caused him to be thrown into the air before landing heavily and awkwardly onto the road. The police were called and the Claimant was taken to Hospital in an ambulance. Before that he gave a statement to the police and he was given details of the Defendant, the Defendant’s vehicle and the police incident number. Unfortunately, the Claimant was diagnosed with a broken leg which was placed in a cast and he was unable work for some weeks. We have arranged physiotherapy for him and once this treatment has concluded and he has made the fullest possible recovery we shall arrange to settle his claim.

Cyclist struck by bus

We have also settled a claim for a gentleman who suffered cuts, bruises and soft tissue injuries after being hit by a bus whilst riding his bicycle to work. The bus driver was unaware he had hit the Claimant until sometime afterwards, but thankfully a passer-by was able to flag him down. Details of the Defendant including the vehicle registration number and the name of the bus driver were obtained. Initially liability was denied on the basis that the Claimant had ridden into the path of the bus. Fortunately our client was able to provide footage from the camera he had on his helmet which assisted us in securing an admission of liability. This case shows the importance of ensuring all the evidence is obtained at the outset as it saves time and arguments later down the line.

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Ellie Buckley

Eleanor is a Personal Injury Assistant in our Personal injury department. Eleanor is studying law via Cilex and is due to qualify as a Legal Executive in the summer of 2015. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4233.

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