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Cases of the week – The wrong polish

The wrong polish

This week, John Green settled a long-running case for a client who had been injured when she slipped on a polished floor at her work. It transpired that her employer’s cleaners had used furniture polish rather than floor polish, which has non-slip qualities.

Our client sustained a permanent foot injury which has prevented her from enjoying her hobbies of gardening and long country walks with her dog.

The Case

Initially, the insurers denied liability for the accident, so the client took our advice and started Civil proceedings in the County Court. Soon after that, the solicitors appointed by the insurers started what proved to be successful negotiations and our client received a very satisfactory settlement.

The Outcome

Once again, starting Court proceedings caused the opponents to abandon their denial of liability. An outcome we often obtain for our clients.

RTA brings on underlying condition

Eleanor Buckley was instructed by a lady involved in a Road Traffic Accident in 2015. The client was stationary in traffic when the Defendant failed to apply his brakes and collided with the rear of her car. The impact of the collision caused our client to be thrown forwards in her seat, hitting her face on the steering wheel.

Our client suffered with significant pain and discomfort in her neck which radiated into her shoulders. She attended her GP and underwent an x-ray where it was established that she had in fact suffered a rotator cuff tear in her shoulder which required surgical repair. Due to personal circumstances she paid privately for the treatment as she was unable to wait.

The Case

The Defendant’s insurer took many months to respond to us but eventually we obtained an admission of liability.

The insurer alleged that the accident would not have caused our clients injuries, forcing us to obtain a medical report from an expert in shoulder injuries. The report confirmed that the client suffered from a pre-existing shoulder condition which would have made her vulnerable to this type of injury. He believed that the accident brought on her symptoms by a period of 3 years.

The Outcome

After negotiating, we were able to settle this matter for £7,500.00 which included the cost of the surgery that our client had paid for. She was very happy with the outcome and has happily gone on to make a full recovery.

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