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Case of the Week – April 2017

Partner and personal injury expert, Jonathan Stittle, has just settled two interesting claims; a case awarding £5000 and one for £16,500.

A fractured foot after attempt to run client over – Pay out £5,000

The Case

The first case was rather unique in that it involved a young man in his 20’s who was injured after being innocently involved in a fight.

Case of Week: A fractured foot after attempt to run client over

Whilst on a night out with a group of friends, who unbeknown to him, had a long-running feud with another group. The two groups met by chance, and a brawl ensued.

During the course of the altercation, one of the other group got into his car and attempted to run over one of our client’s friends, but missed and collided with our client, leaving him with a fractured bone in his foot. Thankfully, he has since made a full recovery and has now received compensation to the tune of £5000.

Settling the claim

This was largely as a result of assistance from the police in identifying the driver of the vehicle and disclosing witness statements that caused the driver’s insurers to accept liability for the claim after their insured had clearly given them a different version of events.

Whiplash injuries after 2015 car accident – Pay out £16,500

The Case

Case of Week: Whiplash injuries after 2015 car accidentA young lady in her 30’s who was involved in a car accident in 2015. Our client was sat stationary at a set of traffic lights and had someone run into her from behind, resulting in whiplash injuries to her neck, back and shoulder.

Initially it was thought that she would make a quick recovery, but like in approximately 30% of RTA cases, she didn’t. Our client had to undergo extensive physiotherapy and receive lots care and assistance from her partner and mother, as well as pay out for employing a gardener.

Jonathan settled this case for £16,500, more than most whiplash victims receive.

Jonathan Stittle



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Jonathan Stittle

Jonathan Stittle, head of our personal injury department, joined Taylor&Emmet in 1986 and became a partner a year later. He studied law in Oxford and Chester and has been a member of the Law Society’s personal injury panel since it was formed in 1994. For more information on this topic email or call him on 0114 218 4049.

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