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Beauty Accidents: The potential risk…

Beauty AccidentsThe beauty industry has seen a large turnover increase in recent years. Every year, millions of people are looking for different ways to improve the way they look. Some will opt for small cosmetic changes whilst others will go to drastic lengths to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, some treatments come with a risk.

A lot of the beauty industry remains unregulated beside for the Sunbed Regulation Act 2010. Beauty salons, nail bars and hairdressers all provide a service to the public and therefore a standard of care is expected. Unfortunately, some salons fall short of achieving the standards needed to fulfil their duty to care to their customers.

Prior warning

The variety of beauty treatments available is enormous, yet explanations of the risks of certain beauty treatments (include hair colouring, hair removal and tinting, semi-permanent make-up and so on) are rarely explained before treatments begin. Many beauty treatments require the application of harsh chemicals which may cause irritation, allergies, burns and even permanent scarring. Clearly, consumers should always ask their treatment provider for full details of the risks involved before proceeding with any kind of beauty treatment.

Cases we have acted on

We have acted for many clients injured by beauticians, nail technicians and plastic surgeons.

Currently, we act for a woman who lost her eyebrows after tinting treatment because a practitioner forgot to give her a patch test before applying chemicals.

We also recently represented a lady who suffered burns to her face after applying anti-ageing cream that she had bought online.

Ellie Buckley
Ellie Buckley

A female client of ours suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis after cosmetic surgery in a local private hospital and is now on medication for life.

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Ellie Buckley

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