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APIL: Building a Brighter Future for Injured People

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has recently published its new strategic plan for 2020 -2023. The plan represents a major milestone for APIL which is in its 30th anniversary year.

What Is APIL?

APIL is a not-for-profit campaign organisation fighting for the rights of needlessly injured people. It consists of 3,200 member lawyers (mainly solicitors, barristers and legal executives) dedicated to protecting and enhancing access to justice, improving the services provided for victims of personal injury and campaigning to change the law where appropriate.

Over the last 30 years APIL has grown to become the leading, most respected organisation in this field, constantly working to provide and develop expertise in the practice of Personal Injury law for the benefit of injured people.

Taylor&Emmet is proud to be a long-standing accredited member of this important organisation.

Strategic Plan

APIL has a 10 year vision and mission supported by 4 key pillars, which they hope will help to build a brighter future for needlessly injured people. By 2030 APIL wants to see a significant reduction in needless injuries and a system which delivers full and prompt redress to enable victims of accidents to rebuild their lives. The 4 pillars are:

Rebuild Public Trust in PI Law

Misconceptions about the role and contribution of PI lawyers have resulted in low public trust and confidence in this sector. This poor public perception has fuelled misguided Government intervention to the detriment of genuinely injured people, weakening access to justice without delivering meaningful gains for consumers, such as lower insurance premiums. APIL believe that this has led to knee-jerk Government policy being shaped by populist, uninformed and prejudicial views. Even the image of the claimants themselves has been damaged by the view that fraudulent claims increase insurance premiums. Many injured people have felt ashamed to make a claim at a time when they needed help to recover from an injury. APIL will seek to dispel these misconceptions and rebuild public trust.

Prevent Needless Injury

Despite progress in the prevention of needless injury in the UK, APIL’s view is that more could be done by prioritising injury prevention through a renewed focus on public health. In particular, APIL will work towards improving stakeholder support for a national strategy to reduce needless injury in the workplace, hospitals and on the roads.

Ensure Prompt and Full Redress

The objectives that APIL will be working towards include:

  • Minimising the negative impact of the increase to the small claims track limit.
  • Developing a plan to maximise recent legal and political developments for the benefit of bereaved families.
  • Campaigning to ensure insurance is fit for purpose in helping injured people to obtain redress.
  • Campaigning for full and proper redress for asbestos-related diseases.
  • Minimising any negative impact on injured people of future cost reforms (including fixed costs for Clinical Negligence, a scheme for birth injuries and compensation for historical child abuse).

Excellence in Legal Representation

APIL will seek to ensure that they have the very best lawyers with the highest standards in their organisation and also to build a larger more diverse community of people committed to injured people. In particular APIL will work towards:

  • Offering the right courses at the right prices
  • Developing a training programme for students and paralegals.
  • Keeping members informed of emerging trends in PI.

As experienced PI solicitors and members of APIL’s accreditation scheme, you can rest assured that Taylor&Emmet have the expertise and up to date training required to run your PI claim efficiently and successfully.

If you, or anyone you know have been involved in an accident, please do not hesitate to telephone our team on 0114 218 4000 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

Julie Moore

Julie is a litigation executive at Taylor&Emmet LLP. She assists in a wide variety of cases inducing those concerning accidents at work and RTA's. Julie started working at Taylor&Emmet in 2009, prior to joining the firm she worked at a law firm in Leeds having graduated from the city too. For more information on this topic email or call her on 0114 218 4161.

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