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£25000 damages for “whiplash” claim

Yes, we just settled a claim for over £25000 for a client who was involved in a Road Traffic Accident and suffered neck, shoulder and back injuries when another motorist drove into the back of their car at moderate speed a few years ago.

Most people believe that whiplash claims are worth about £2000 and are settled quickly.

That is often the case, but not always.

A significant percentage of people who suffer hyperextension injuries to their neck, back and shoulder muscles don’t make full recoveries. Some will develop chronic pain conditions requiring medication on a long term basis and others will be left with some restrictions of movement and some discomfort and stiffness for life.

Others develop psychological and psychiatric conditions such as travel anxiety and depressive disorders as a result of their accidents and physical injuries.

The most we have won for a “whiplash” client in recent years is around £125,000.00, although that was a high speed impact leaving the client with significant ongoing pain.

I see too many claims that have settled their claims too early on the basis that they are told that they will fully recover within 12 months of the accident by a medical expert. Often, those people still have disabling physical and psychological problems and they have possibly been badly advised. Not by us of course!

The more experienced and able your lawyer is, the more likely he or she is going to be able to assist you to recover damages for each and every aspect of your injuries and losses, which are often in large multiples of the sum of £2000.

The lesson is to always instruct an experienced personal injury solicitor rather than the first one offered to you by an insurance company or claims management company. Ask your friends and relatives who they recommend or see if your existing solicitors deal with personal injury claims.

Don’t forget that I and the rest of our Personal Injury team fit those criteria and are always here to help.

I’m going to a football match tonight – fixtures on Friday nights should be banned as it will mean that I have no excuse for not taking my wife shopping tomorrow!

Enjoy the weekend

Jonathan Stittle

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