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  1. Vince Travers
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    Very interesting articl.

    I am wondering if it could be considered a reasonable request for an employee that has developed depression and anxiety to be accompanied by a family member or friend, at either a grievance or disciplinary hearing that does not involve sensitive company information?

    Whats your thoughts?

    1. Tom Draper
      Tom Draper at | | Reply

      Hi Vince, Thank you for your comment. The statutory requirement to be accompanied to grievance or disciplinary meetings is limited to a trade union representative or a work colleague but it may be a contributing factor to a future unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal not to allow an employee to be accompanied by a friend or family member depending on the circumstances. If the employee is disabled and the presence of a friend or family member at the meeting would remove any substantial disadvantage caused by the disability then it may be a failure to make a reasonable adjustment not to allow that person to be present but again it is heavily dependent on the circumstances. Kind Regards, Tom

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