Signing deadline approaches for Claimants

We are currently processing lots of Conditional Fee Agreements with clients and obtaining CFA insurance for them (known as “After the Event” insurance) to beat the deadline of 31 March 2013. After that, clients who sign CFAs will have to pay a success fee to their solicitors out of their damages if the claim is successful. Don’t blame us –… Read more →

Free First Interview?

Most prospective Personal Injury Claimants worry about how much it will cost them to bring a claim, whether they will win and how much their cases might be worth. We believe that the fear of the unknown discourages many from bringing claims which are very likely to succeed and will not cost the claimant a penny, win or lose. The… Read more →

Government and Insurers 1 Injured Claimants and their lawyers 0 – extra time being played

Sadly and predictably, the High Court in London supported the Justice Minister’s proposed reforms to cut the fees payable by insurers to solicitors for successful claimants who are injured in Road Traffic Accidents. An Appeal is being considered, although Commentators believe it would be unlikely to succeed. We at Taylor and Emmet LLP will continue to provide a high level… Read more →

Judgement Day – or maybe later?

Today (1st March), the Government’s plans to imposed legal fees in Personal Injury cases are being challenged in the High Court. A Judicial Review, is taking place, launched by the Association of Personal Injury lawyers and the Motor Accident Solicitors’ Society. All of us here hope that justice prevails and that the Government’s planned intervention is halted in its tracks…. Read more →

Time to make your mind up!

If you have been deciding whether or not to proceed with a personal injury claim, I suggest you do that in the next 2 weeks or so. If you leave it until after 1.4.2013, rule changes will mean that you are likely to have to pay some of your damages to your solicitors if the claim is successful. If you… Read more →


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