We are now able to provide face-to-face video conferencing. Many clients are happy to simply give us instructions over the phone, whereas some prefer to do so in person. If you would like to contact us via Skype, please let us have your Skype address and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to have the video call. If you… Read more →

Don’t deal directly with Councils!

I have just completed a claim for a lady who suffered a fracture when she fell after tripping over a defective paving stone in Sheffield City Centre. She corresponded with the Council’s legal departement directly and they made her a settlement offer. At that stage the lady took our advice. I told her that the offer was not enough and, after… Read more →

The value of persistence

I have recently settled a claim on behalf of a client against a major supermarket. The client was descending a set of outdoor concrete stairs when she slipped on water which had pooled and suffered a nasty ankle fracture. Despite long denials of liability, the Supermarket finally agreed it was responsible, just before I was due to issue proceedings in… Read more →

Happy New Year of Change

Happy New Year to all our readers! 2013 will be a year in which there willy to be many drastic changes to the laws affecting personal injury claims. Mostly they will mean that there will be less money paid in damages and legal fees by insurers, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and the NHS, leaving injured claimants with less compensation… Read more →


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