Pothole City? What to do if you have a tripping accident on a highway.

Pothole City? What to do if you have a tripping accident on a highway.

Residents of many UK Cities claim this title, including Sheffield. A Government-funded road surface renewal scheme started earlier this year and now many of our main arterial roads have surfaces like black bowling greens. It will be a long time before the side roads are completed and until then, we will continue to be instructed on a regular basis by… Read more →

Insurance Industry in further attacks on injured people

Insurance Industry in further attacks on injured people

Whiplash claims should be made within three days of the alleged accident and include evidence of physical injury if they are to succeed, insurance giant Axa has said this week. The recommendations are part of a wishlist for the government to adopt on whiplash, copying models already in place in France and Sweden. What AXA seem to have failed to… Read more →

Don’t be mugged by insurers

The Law Society has launched a campaign this week with the above title. The intention is to increase Public awareness of insurers who try to settle claims directly with victims of accidents. I agree with the campaign wholeheartedly. Insurers often make offers directly to injury victims in the hope of settling the claim quickly and for much less than the… Read more →

The value of issuing Court Proceedings

The last couple of weeks have given us two examples of why, if a claim is strong, a client has nothing to fear by instructing their solicitors to start Court proceedings. In our experience Defendant Insurers do not always make rational decisions as to which claims to settle and which claims to defend.  If an Insurer defends a claim when… Read more →

Prize question

Hi blog followers As we have nearly been in our prestigious offices in Arundel Gate, Sheffield for ten years, I will send a bottle of wine to the first person (outside this firm of course) who emails me at jonathan.stittle@tayloremmet.co.uk and tells me exactly where our Personal Injury Department was based before our move in 2003. This is not open… Read more →


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