Prize question

Hi blog followers As we have nearly been in our prestigious offices in Arundel Gate, Sheffield for ten years, I will send a bottle of wine to the first person (outside this firm of course) who emails me at and tells me exactly where our Personal Injury Department was based before our move in 2003. This is not open… Read more →

What’s in the back of your car and is it dangerous?

Experience has shown me that all drivers, including me, must be very careful about storing heavy and/or dangerous items in the boots or rear seats of our cars. Those items can cause serious injuries if the driver is involved in an accident, whether it is their fault or not. When a collision occurs, the drivers and passengers are usually restrained… Read more →

Visit to the Police

I occasionally go and interview Police Officers in connection with Personal Injury Claims. Today I went to see an Accident Investigator at their Operations Centre in Sheffield. The weather was spectacular and my car stood out as one of a few not coloured white with large blue and yellow chequered patterns on the side in the car park. The officer… Read more →

Our growing department

Some more good news in our department! Sarah, our conscientious trainee, has been offered a full time job when her training contract expires next month.  We are all really pleased that Sarah is going to be continuing with us.  She is an excellent lawyer and a popular member of the team who will have a bright future. Sarah will start running her… Read more →

Which doctor?

This is a question we often ask ourselves in the Personal Injury team. That’s because we take time to find a doctor with the right expertise to prepare a medical report on each of our clients. It is important to use one with specialist knowledge so that clients obtain the most accurate prognosis for their injuries and we are able… Read more →


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