Victory for the Claimants – about time too!

The Government’s decision not to increase the Small Claims Court’ upper limit for injury claims from £1000 to £5000 is the first victory for a long time for those bringing Personal Injury Claims. Recently, the Insurers have persuaded the Coalition Government to introduce many new reforms designed to increase their profits and reduce the sums received by injured clients. If… Read more →

Feeling guilty about making a claim? Insurance Companies hope so!

Some media commentators and journalists have published articles recently that suggest that it is morally wrong to bring a claim for personal injury after an accident caused by another person. I wonder if those journalists have been sponsored by insurance companies. It has been the right of every person in England and Wales to recover fair and reasonable compensation arising… Read more →

Had an accident? Use your phone!

How are mobile phones relevant to injury claims? Often they are very important and may win the case for the injured victim of an accident. When a person is injured, their most pressing concern is understandably to seek medical attention for their injuries or to get home or somewhere else where they feel comfortable. From a lawyer’s point of view,… Read more →

Great result

Our Department recently settled a Compensation claim for a lady who was thrown down the aisle of a bus when the driver slammed on the brakes at a set of traffic lights last year. A large part of the compensation was paid because we sucesfully argued that our Client was entitled to a payment for the cost of domestic help… Read more →


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