Adventures of Taylor

Making a Personal Injury Claim - Part 3 - Conditional Fee Agreements & coffee

Making a Personal Injury Claim – Part 3 – Conditional Fee Agreements & coffee

Taylor’s trip to the Solicitor Taylor came back to the office this week to talk about Conditional Fee Agreements and making a claim generally.  He is still feeling the strain of his injuries and insists that he is on ‘light duties’.  I questioned what duties Taylor had managed before, light or otherwise? Taylor brought photos (see part 1) of the defective pavement which… Read more →

Taylor's Trips - Feline Equine adventure!

Taylor’s Trips – Feline Equine adventure!

Another weekend, another temporary custodian in the shape of Saskia Bex for our ever intrepid Taylor, who was this week off to visit more animals of the four legged variety. Taylor is not one to let size difference concern him. His widely-publicised assault by Sheffield Wednesday’s Ozzie Owl didn’t phase our brave feline, so he took meeting the positively gigantic by… Read more →

Taylor's Travels

Taylor’s Travels

Taylor the Tomcat has just returned from a holiday in Florida that he won’t forget in a hurry. He enjoyed watching many of the world’s best tennis players at the Miami Open and even met his hero, Fernando Verdasco. After a narrow escape involving a barracuda at an aquarium, he travelled up to Orlando where he spent time sunbathing, swimming and… Read more →

Team Member 7 - Taylor the Tomcat

Team Member 7 – Taylor the Tomcat

Meet Taylor the Tomcat, our Personal Injury Department Mascot, pictured here after photocopying some important legal documents (and no part of his anatomy). Taylor has been with us for over a year now and his favourite restaurant is the Fat Cat on Alma Street – also known for its excellent real ales. His favourite film is Garfield and he likes… Read more →


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